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Ji Chang Wook' s healing drama is here!

1.School Tales The Series

Horror·Suspense·Thriller(Release Date:2022/8/10)

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Horror Suspense Thriller

The latest Thai horror drama! Based on 8 horror comic stories, strange events happen every night in the school!

2.I Am Groot

Animation·Sci-Fi·Action(Release Date:2022/8/10)

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Animation Sci-Fi Action

" I'm Groot! ” So cute! Childhood life of Baby Tree Groot~ Who will he start an adventure with?

3.If You Wish Upon Me

Romance·Healing(Release Date:2022/8/11)

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Romance	Healing

Ji Chang Wook × Choi Soo Young, a warm story in a hospice hospital, listening to the last wishes of terminal cancer patients~

4.Never Have I Ever Season 3

Romance·Comedy·Youth(Release Date:2022/8/12)

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Romance	Comedy Youth Sex

Devi and Paxton officially become a couple! But their relationship was put to the test when the sexy Indian boys came on the scene!

5.A Model Family

Crime·Thriller·Suspense(Release Date:2022/8/12)

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Crime Thriller Suspense

Good citizens take risks for money and become drug dealers! Who can save the whole family between Jung Woo +Park Hee soon ?