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Lee Seung Gi x Lee Se Young fell in love!

1.Little Women

Romance·Female(Release Date:2022/9/3)

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Romance	Female Crime

Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo, three sisters from poor families who depended on each other for life, were accidentally involved in a conspiracy about money and power!

2.Rick and Morty Season 6

(Release Date:2022/9/5)

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Romance	Female Adventure

The popular anime is back! Rick and Morty adventure forever!

3.The Law Cafe

Romance·Comedy(Release Date:2022/9/6)

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Romance	Comedy

"Monster genius" Lee Seung-gi and Miss Korea's former lawyer Lee Se-young have a romantic love story together in the law firm and cafe "Law coffee"~

4.Narco Saints

Crime·Thriller(Release Date:2022/9/9)

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Crime Thriller

Ha Jung Woo! Hwang Jeong-min ! Zhang Zhen! Handsome men are all here! The Suriname drug lord war is about to break out!


Comedy·Animation·Fantasy(Release Date:2022/9/9)

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Comedy Fantasy  Animation

Disney's latest animation! What kind of adventures and surprises will Pinocchio, a little puppet whose nose grow when he lies, go through!