Ashes of Time
Taiwan · Hong Kong · 1994
Category:  Action · Drama
On the night when his lover (Magne Cheung) married his elder brother in anger, Ouyang Feng (Leslie Cheung) sadly left Bai Tuo Mountain and walked into a small town in the desert to become a killer intermediary. His friend Huang Yaoshi (Liang Jiahui), a romantic swordsman, comes to the town to have a drink with him every year. The news about Mount Bai Tuo in his drink makes him forget the past and gradually turn into self-deception. Yaoshi Huang is only superficial. He is infatuated with the wife of his friend "Blind Warrior" (Leung Tow Wai), Tao Hua (Carina Lau), who left her husband forever after his death; and to the woman Murong Yan (Lin Qingxia) who is infatuated with him, he is unwilling to honor what he once said casually The promise that made Murong Yan lost in her identity. Hong Qi (Zhang Xueyou), village girl (Yang Caini) and others who formed a short-term "buying murder" relationship with Ouyang Feng also have a painful past that only they know about and do not want to look back.