Farewell My Concubine
China · Hong Kong · 1993
Category:  Drama · Musical · Romantic
Duan Xiaolou (Zhang Fengyi) and Cheng Dieyi (Leslie Cheung) are a pair of brothers who grew up together when they were young. The two played and acted, and the other played as a dancer. They always worked seamlessly with each other, especially in "Farewell My Concubine". Well-known in the capital, the two agreed to co-act "Farewell My Concubine" for a lifetime. But the two people have fundamentally different understandings of the relationship between drama and life. Duan Xiaolou knows that drama is not life, while Cheng Dieyi has no distinction between drama and life. Duan Xiaolou married the famous prostitute Juxian (Gong Li) when he thought that he should get married and set up a business, which caused Cheng Dieyi to believe that Juxian was a shameful third party and made Duan Xiaolou a traitor. "Farewell My Concubine" gave birth to the battle of love, hatred, and hatred that began to escalate with the changes of the times, and eventually led to tragedy.