Mary from Beijing
Hong Kong · 1992
Category:  Drama · Romantic
After graduating from university, Ma Li (played by Gong Li) came to the prosperous metropolis Hong Kong alone, hoping to open up a new world of her own here. Ma Li does not have a Hong Kong ID card, so she has been repeatedly frustrated in the workplace. One day, she met Peter (Jun Xian Lin), the young owner of a jewelry store, and the two fell in love. Peter has always promised to give Mary a status, but he hasn't moved much in his actions, and he doesn't even want to introduce Mary to her family. By chance, Ma Li met Wang Guowei (Zhong Zhentao), a businessman who had lived in the UK since childhood. The two became old acquaintances. Ma Li often confided in Wang Guowei's pains, and Wang Guowei patiently resolved. As time passed, Ma Li and Wang Guowei gradually developed sincere feelings. Wang Guowei invited Ma Li to be his assistant, but he didn't know that he was strictly rejected by Peter.