Springtime in a Small Town
China · France · New Zealand · Hong Kong · 2002
Categoría:  Drama · Romance
This film is Tian Zhuangzhuang's tribute to the 1948 film of the same name directed by Fei Mu. Compared with the Fei version, the color of the screen becomes colorful, the space is much extended, the heroine's monologue is hidden, and the story content and narrative techniques are also somewhat different. Different, become more acceptable to today's audience. At the beginning of the film, the topic explained the relationship between the young woman Zhou Yuwen (Hu Jingfan) and her husband Dai Liyan (Wu Jun). Yuwen was only doing her traditional moral and ethical obligations to Li Yan. At the same time, Liyan’s former friend and Yuwen’s old lover Zhang Zhichen (Xin Baiqing) is rushing from Shanghai to the small town. Although his visit has made Yuwen vacillate between love and ritual, he has the desire to get out of the small town. Furthermore, it is more abrupt than satisfying the long-term expectations in my heart. The younger sister Dai Xiu (Lu Sisi) had a large group of energetic and energetic friends around her, and Zhichen's touch on her and her love for Zhichen were also discounted.