Blind Detective
China · Hong Kong · 2013
Kategori:  Komedi · Kriminal · Drama · Thriller
Johnston (Andy Lau), who was once an outstanding agent of "O Kei", lost his sight in a case four years ago, and now he is completely dark in front of him. The victim gets a generous bonus while seeking justice. He has a unique judgment method, and he is good at restoring the scene and mood of the person in his mind to track down clues. In the process of tracing the suspect in the "Train Canal Water Injury Incident", Zhuang accidentally met He Jiatong (played by Zheng Xiuwen), a subordinate of Situ Fabao (played by Guo Tao), a good friend of "O Ji". Although He had little experience in handling cases, he was skilled enough to save Zhuang who was in a critical moment at a critical moment. She admired the famous "God of Solving Cases" so much that she asked Sir Zhuang to take over and help investigate the whereabouts of her friend Xiaomin who had disappeared many years ago. For the sake of a million bounty, Zhuang nodded and agreed. In just ten days, Zhuang Sir and He Jiatong were dealing with several cases at the same time, the truth of each case alternately surfaced, and their hearts gradually drew closer during the test of life and death...