Lucky Star 2015
Hong Kong · 2015
Kategori:  Komedi
Wang Zulan (Wang Zulan) is a counterfeit celebrity agent. One day, an accident happened while taking a bunch of counterfeit stars to a Hong Kong tyrant's birthday party. The situation was very critical. A Chao (Wen Chao) is the prospective son-in-law of a local tyrant. He extended a helping hand to Wang Zulan. Wang Zulan found that A Chao's voice was very similar to that of Master Xing, so he strongly recommended him to develop in Hong Kong, believing that his stardom is boundless. In Hong Kong, A Chao met Wang Zuhong (Chen Jiahua), Wang Zulan’s younger sister. To win Wang Zuhong's favor, A Chao could only pretend to be deaf and dumb in front of her. However, as the distance between the two gradually approached, A Chao's disguise was worn out, and the angry Wang Zuhong chose to leave.