The Hero of Swallow
Hong Kong · 1996
Categoria:  Ação · Drama · Fantasia
In the Republic of China, the swallow Li San (played by Yuan Biao) was known as a thief who robbed the rich and helped the poor. He enters and exits the compound of the deep house as if entering the land of no one; he rescued many girls in search of his lost love Jin Lan (Zhu Yin); he helped the fallen soldier Hong Laifu (Xu Jinjiang) to rescue his mother. Captain Tang of the Beijing Detective Team was teased by him many times, but he still couldn't see Li Sanzhen. Li San went into the home of the warlord Ma Sling to steal and found that there was a collection of the lost Qing Dynasty jade seal. The defeated Qing dynasty’s Qing Dynasty sent the guardian Zhang Lu (Kaohsiung) to regain Yuxi, and Li San was able to recognize his brother Zhang Lu. It turns out that Li San was robbed of his beloved Jin Lan by the rich and powerful. At the beginning, he learned a martial art, and from then on, he became a hero in the capital, and at the same time visited the brothel to find Jin Lan's whereabouts. With the help of Hong Laifu and others, Li San finally got the well-known prostitute Xiao Caifeng to be Jin Lan, and at this time, he was deeply embarrassed...