Clever escape
China · 1995
Categoria:  Comédia · Crime · Drama · War
The 18th Route Army soldiers seized the Japanese strategic offensive map, but was helplessly injured, so they had to hand the map to his farmer brother Erzhu, and asked him to rush to the train station to give the map to his comrades. At the same time, Qin Gui (played by Huang Hong) from the northeast was appointed by the shopkeeper to go to the railway station to receive the map. On the other hand, the youngest bomber farmer (played by Wei Zongwan) and his young uncle Shunzi (played by the Eighth Route Army) Zhao Liang (played by Zhao Liang) was looking for the Eighth Route Army team. In the teahouse, the two nephews and uncles ran into a storyteller (Xu Yukun) who was good at ventriloquist. For the injured Erzhu, the storyteller replaced Erzhu to hand in the ground map, and the youngest and Shunzi rushed all the way to lead Sasaki's team away. At the train station, Qin Gui mistakenly identified the storyteller as a member of the Eighth Route Army and stayed stubbornly entangled. The youngest and Shunzi who rushed to the train later merged for a short time and the four were broken up by Japanese artillery fire. Qin Gui, the youngest and the storyteller were distracted. In the trapped cellar, Shunzi moved to the neighboring village to rescue the villagers, and a good chase between ordinary people and devils was officially staged...