China · Hong Kong · 1995
Categoria:  Drama
Qiu Yi (played by Wang Ji) and Xiao E (played by He Saifei) were originally women in the brothel. After liberation, their "such" women were sent to labor camps for labor reform. They couldn't stand the hard life in labor camps, so Qiu Yi overcame the wall She ran away, penniless and desperate, she decided to go to her old friend Pu Jiawei (played by Wang Zhiwen). In Pu Jiawei’s home, Qiu Yi lived a life under the fence. As time went on, she found that Pu Jiawei, who had always been fond of herself, became insincere in the face of pressure and interests. In the end, Qiu Yi left Laopu in anger. Became a nun as a monk. What Qiuyi didn't expect was that Pu Jiawei and Xiao E actually came together. Not only did they get married, Xiao E was also pregnant with Pu Jiawei's child. After being betrayed by a former friend, Qiu Yi was not angry.