School girl shocked
China · 2016
Categoria:  Fantasia · Mystery · Sci-Fi · Thriller
One year after graduation, Yang Xinyi (played by Zhang Lanyi) organized several students to return to campus. After arriving on campus, Han Gaofei was chased and killed by someone wearing a mysterious mask in the bathroom. After returning to the villa, the mysterious masked man reappeared in the dark night, strangling Yang Huihui to death and chasing down Lin Bing (played by Liang Ping) all the way. People pointed the finger at Xu Zhiyi, who was mysteriously missing, but accidentally discovered that Xu Zhiyi had been strangled to death. Currently, there are many mysteries. Han Gaofei and Luo (Wang Xiaotian) argue with each other and doubt each other. They all mentioned Jia Zhongming's disappearance a year ago. At this time, people were surprised to find that today’s tragedy is closely related to the disappearance a year ago. Is it man-made or ghost? Is this intentional or coincidence? Among these mysteries, a conspiracy has loomed.