Zhou Enlai's trip to Bandung
Trung Quốc · 2003
Phân loại:  Truyền kỳ · Kịch tính · Lịch sử
In the spring of 1955, the Chinese government was invited by the five sponsors of the Asian-African Conference and decided to send a Chinese government delegation headed by Premier Zhou Enlai to participate in the Asian-African Conference in Bandung, Indonesia. Taiwan secret agents got the intelligence and started plotting to plot the murder of Premier Zhou. Premier Zhou Enlai was invited by Myanmar Prime Minister Wu Nu to go to Yangon, the capital of Myanmar, to attend the meeting of the prime ministers of the six countries through Kunming. At this time, the Indian "Kashmir Princess" aircraft leased by the Chinese government took off from Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport. It was conspired by Taiwanese secret agents to blow up while flying to Indonesia. All the 11 advance personnel of the Chinese delegation and foreign journalists on board were killed. Shock. Faced with the diverse and complicated international situation and the destruction of Taiwanese spies, Zhou Enlai, regardless of his personal safety, decided to continue flying to Indonesia on the Indian plane "Skymaster" as originally planned. With great patriotic enthusiasm, the overseas Chinese in India are doing various preparatory work to welcome the arrival of the motherland’s prime minister and the delegation. Various service groups. When Premier Zhou and his entourage arrived at Jakarta's Majulan Airport at great risk, they were warmly welcomed by the local people and overseas Chinese, and the entire airport was surrounded by water. The Asian-African Conference was the first gathering of many Asian and African heads of state who had just gained independence from colonialism after the Second World War. The US government also sent a large delegation of so-called journalists to participate in this meeting. Under the complex international political background, everyone came with good wishes, but their opinions were very different. Some representatives had misgivings about communism. They proposed that Soviet communism was a new type of colonialism, and they also proposed overseas Chinese. The possible threat of dual nationality issues. The meeting is on the verge of failure. The written statement of the Chinese delegation has been printed and distributed to everyone. Originally, I did not intend to make another speech at the conference. But in the face of this situation, Premier Zhou Enlai temporarily requested the conference to speak. His "Chinese delegation is here for unity, not for quarreling:" The Chinese delegation is here to seek common ground, not to innovate..." The words were shocking. His incomparable sincerity dispelled the doubts of the delegates and helped Asian and African countries to find a foundation for common solidarity. During the Bandung Conference, Taiwanese secret agents organized a 28-member death squad and conspired to kill Premier Zhou. Under the protection of the Indonesian government and overseas Chinese, their conspiracy failed. During the Asian-African Conference, Premier Zhou Enlai used every opportunity to make friends. He only slept for 13 hours in seven days. After the efforts of the Chinese government delegation headed by Zhou Enlai and Chen Yi, they finally united the representatives of Asia and Africa and established the "Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence", which became the basic norms for exchanges between countries in the future. At the same time, it also established that the new China is in conflict. An unshakable position on the complex international political arena.