Rickshaw Boy
China · 1982
分類:  剧情繁体
The film is adapted from the novel of the same name by Lao She. Xiangzi, a hardworking rural youth (played by Zhang Fengyi), lives in the outskirts of Beijing in the old society. After losing his land and parents, Xiangzi came to Beijing to work as a driver in Liu Sikai's rickshaw factory. Xiangzi got up early and was greedy for the dark, working day and night, hoping to buy a foreign car by himself instead of renting someone else's car. Xiangzi finally made up enough 100 yuan to buy a new car, but it didn't take long for the warlord Zhuang Ding Lianren to take the car away. In the army, Xiangzi was responsible for pulling shells with foreign carts. When the team was defeated and fled, Xiangzi's car rolled down the valley. The soldiers fled, Xiangzi accidentally picked up three camels in the army. He sold camels and returned to Liu Si's depot as a coachman. People named him "Camel Xiangzi." Liu Si’s daughter Hu Niu (played by Siqin Gaowa) fell in love with Xiangzi, and became drunk with her...