A Good Woman
China · 1985
分類:  剧情繁体
In the Qianbei mountainous area on the eve of liberation, the abnormal marriage custom of raising children and daughters-in-law has been passed down for generations. Eighteen-year-old Yu Xingxian (Cong Shan) is married to Yi Shaowei (Wang Yuyi), a six-year-old husband from Yijiazhai. They are siblings on weekdays. Although Shaowei still wets the bed and pants twice in three days, they are very harmonious together. Mother-in-law Wu Niang (played by Zhang Weixin) is a fateful and kind-hearted woman. She died of her husband early and dragged her son to depend on each other for life. She is still a widow. After Xingxian passed the door, the family of three lived peacefully. When the farming is busy, Wu Niang's nephew Kai Bing comes to help from time to time, and Xingxian feels good in his contact with Kai Bing. Soon after the mountain was liberated, Kai Bing came to Yijia again, and Kai Bing and Xingxian liked each other more and more. The Sansao (played by Liang Yan), who has been poisoned by feudal thoughts all his life, perceives this, and instigates the young Shaowei to make trouble with Xingxian; and encourages the villagers to stage a farce of "catching traitors". The cowardly Xingxian stepped forward and announced in public that he would divorce Shaowei and join Kaibing...