We Are Family
Hong Kong · 2006
Category:  Comedy · Crime · Drama · Family · Fantasy · Sci-Fi
Li Zhijie (played by Hacken Lee) has made his own business successful, and his relationship is also proud. His girlfriend is the gentle and beautiful Golden Phoenix (played by Hu Jing). The two have been together for many years and their relationship has always been very good. However, what made Li Zhijie couldn't figure out was that Huang Jinfeng repeatedly refused her marriage proposal. However, when she finally accepted the proposal ring, she asked Li Zhijie to see her family first. In this way, Li Zhijie came to Huang Jinfeng's home and met her family. What Li Zhijie did not expect was that this family was so difficult to please. They made things difficult for Li Zhijie, the prospective son-in-law, and caused Li Zhijie to suffer and was very mad. However, Li Zhijie's feelings for Huang Jinfeng are so firm, and he is determined to solve the problems one by one with his wisdom and love.