Chine · 2006
Classification :  Crime · Drame
In late autumn of 2005, early in the morning, the ancient city of Nanshan on the bank of the Yellow River. A gunshot sounded and a sturdy body fell down. Mao Mao, a girl who got up early in the morning to pick up trash, witnessed this scene. She cleaned up all her belongings, only to find that the fingers of the "deceased" were trembling slightly. Nanshan police received a report that Zhao Bo, a felon who had fled for many years, appeared mysteriously in the urban-rural fringe, and the "Bawang" company became an ant on the hot pot. The boss Qiu Zhaoqiang did not expect that the two "swordsmen" who had just been invited from outside accidentally missed it. Just when Qiu Zhaoqiang looked for Yao Xiaofeng, Yao Xiaofeng, who was disguised, had already declared the office building of Baye Company, and the gun was under Qiu Zhaoqiang's nose. At a critical juncture, Yao Xiaofeng had a splitting headache and fell short of success. Yao Xiaofeng took advantage of the chaos and fled. The criminal police team that received the report rushed to Bayeux. The two sides understand each other, but there is no focus. Maomao, who was looking for Yao Xiaofeng, found the "Overlord" company with clues. Qiu Zhaoqiang hugged Mao Mao and forced Yao Xiaofeng to appear. Fortunately, Ai Momo first found the kidnapped hiding place where Mao Mao was kidnapped, killed Xiaojie, and rescued Mao Mao. Yu Hongzhou finally got direct evidence of Qiu Zhaoqiang's crime. The arrest warrant was issued, and the whole city was blocked to pursue Qiu Zhaoqiang. The day after his arrest, Qiu Zhaoqiang suddenly appeared at the Municipal Bureau and was arrested. The only requirement is to protect your safety before the trial. The pain of cancer tormented Yu Hongzhou, and Yao Xiaofeng was shot into the skull. Yu Hongzhou asked the Interpol team to release the news and escorted Qiu Zhaoqiang to the Provincial Procuratorate for trial, preparing to arrest Yao Xiaofeng. He put the only bullet in the magazine.