The Legend
Hong Kong · 1993
Categoria:  Ação · Comédia · Histórico · Ficção científica
Fang Shiyu (played by Jet Li) was originally a dude in the city, so he can fight injustice. One day, he heard that Leihuo, a wealthy man from other provinces, set up an arena to compete in martial arts and recruit relatives. When Fang Shiyu was ready to win the future mother-in-law Li Xiaohuan, a gust of wind blew the hijab of the young lady sitting on the stage. When he discovered that it was an ugly woman, he deliberately gave in and ran away. Fang Shiyu's mother Miao Cuihua (Xiao Fangfang) heard that her son had been defeated in the ring, and felt that her face was dull. So Fang Shiyu's brother, Fang Dayu, went to the ring and defeated Li Xiaohuan in one fell swoop. Unexpectedly, Leihuo sent someone to pick Fang Dayu to marry that night. To save his mother, Shiyu had to go to Lei's family to get married in place of her mother. After the mother and son plan to get married, they flee together when they return home. Unexpectedly, Fang Shiyu's father Fang De is back!