Once Upon a Time in China IV
Hong Kong · 1993
Categoria:  Ação
Huang Feihong (played by Zhao Wenzhuo) floated away after winning the gold medal of the Lion King. For a time, the Guangdong Guild Hall gathered to congratulate him. The vice-capital of the Eight Banners General Mansion Alan Chengdu (played by Chen Jiming) came to visit. The giant racing lion challenged the Qing court. In order to maintain the national body, Huang Feihong decided to fight with General Alan in the national disaster. Liang Kuan (played by Mo Shaocong) once again caused trouble and was expelled by Huang Feihong. He had no choice but to find the fourteenth aunt (played by Wang Jingying) who runs a newspaper in Beijing with Guijiaoqi (played by Xiong Xinxin) for help. Huang Feihong also rushed to the newspaper office, but with The fourteenth aunt was involved in the massacre of foreigners in the concession under the red light. Huang Feihong rescued the people and was detained and tortured by German soldiers along with the red light master sister Miao Sanniang (played by Wang Jinghua). Huang Feihong, who escaped from prison, rescued his relatives from the red light, but because of this, he missed the Lion Race, and General Alan Chengdu died alone. Huang Feihong is a friend of the country, full of enthusiasm to challenge the giant lion of the eight countries for the second time...