Once Upon a Time in China III
Hong Kong · 1992
Categoria:  Ação · Aventura · Biografia · Histórico
At the end of the late Qing dynasty, the Qing empire was shaky. In the face of foreign attacks, the Empress Dowager Cixi encouraged the people to practice martial arts to resist the enemy. In order to welcome the Queen Mother, Li Hongzhang organized the annual "Lion King Contest". The "Lion King's Hegemony" is actually a dance of lion heads from various factions to fight for the championship by force. As soon as the news of the "Lion King's Contending for Hegemony" came out, all the big sects were gearing up to recruit troops secretly. For a while, clashes with sects broke out in Beijing. Huang Feihong (played by Jet Li) wrote to Li Hongzhang to cancel the "Lion King's Hegemony", but Li Hongzhang ignored it. In desperation, Huang Feihong had to personally participate in the "Lion King's Hegemony" to prevent each sect from fighting each other. "Lion King's Hegemony" finally kicked off! On this day, the school grounds were dusty, and the "lion heads" with different images and extremely lethal powers made by different schools appeared on the stage. Huang Feihong personally led Guijiaoqi and other apprentices also arrived...